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The Dovii is considered to be one of the legendary aggressive cichlids in the aquarium hobby, they definitely have a reputation that proceeds themselves. Honestly this reputation should be attributed to the mature Dovii specimen. I’ve kept smaller fish before and they behave typically for a cichlid in the guapote family (i.e. Managuense and Motaguense). These fish are great hunters probably even better than Red Devils which I consider to rank very highly in this regard. From a hobbyist point of view bringing a Dovii home is quite the commitment as they grow very large and fast. Check out a preview of what you could be getting yourself into courtesy of Mbuna Marcus


Dovii Cichlid 101


Dovii cichlids, popularly known as the wolf cichlid, is true to its name in being both majestic, as well as, menacing. This predatory and aggressive tempered fish is indeed a beautiful specimen that is truly majestic. About the Dovii Cichlid…

Fast Fish Facts: Dovii Cichlid

These are the fast facts on the Dovii, for all the facts on the Dovii check out the Dovii cichlid 101 article and video. Not sure if you want to take home a Dovii Cichlid yet? Maybe you need more…