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Everything about the Flowerhorn Cichlid

If you’re interested in Flowerhorn cichlids you’ve come to right place. Here on you’ll find a vast collection of information based on most of the cichlidae family. This page highlights the popular hybrid cichlid, the Flowerhorn. Feel free to browse the articles found below they feature tips for feeding your flowerhorn, breeding flowerhorns, Flowerhorn behavior, water quality for optimum colors, and styling your aquarium to best meet the needs of your fish.



How to Acclimate a New Flowerhorn

flowerhorn floating bag

Congrats on your new Flowerhorn, now that you’ve selected a fish you need to get it situated and comfortable in it’s new surroundings. Let’s get right into in the process of acclimating your new Flowerhorn.   Step #1. Turn off…

What Tank Size for a Flowerhorn?


Flowerhorns are large aggressive cichlids, with that said they produce a lot of waste and often maul their tank mates. These fish need a decent amount of space to thrive and therefore shouldn’t be kept in small 10 and 20…