Fast Fish Facts: Dovii Cichlid

These are the fast facts on the Dovii, for all the facts on the Dovii check out the Dovii cichlid 101 article and video.

Not sure if you want to take home a Dovii Cichlid yet? Maybe you need more information about this particular species. That’s what a responsible fish keeper should do. It is important that you know more if not everything about the species. It’s likes, dislikes, behavior so that you can have a fish that is thriving and one that you enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money and making the fish suffer. Not to mention inconveniencing your local fish store that will have to find room for your fish when you bring it back.


In the appearance area, Dovii Cichlids are beautiful showcasing a rich color palette including specks of blue, black and purple against its silvery foundation. As it matures its head is highlighted with rich reds and greens, so is its dorsal fin. However, the female’s will not be as brilliant but she will still be showcase some of males beauty.


The Dovii Cichlid is a very intelligent fish. It has so much personality and it even has a knack for extending its territory beyond the tank observing the entire room where its tank is.

Another thing that hobbyist love about the Dovii Cichlid is that they bond with their owners. Something that smaller Cichlids can’t do. What makes them hard to take care, however, is that it is a predatory fish and can be very domineering. You can’t put very many other species near the tank with the Dovii. This makes pairing the fish with potential mates a nightmare.Check out this video:

Tank and water condition

This large fish can grow up to 28 inches in size. This is why they require a tank that can accommodate 120 gallons. Having a long-term approach to growing your fish would save you the hassle of having to upgrade your tank down the road. The good thing about a larger tank like the 120 gallon size is that it provides enough space for the fish to swim and make the aquarium truly its home. Putting the right decorations inside your aquarium is also key because this type of Cichlid loves hiding in caves and rocks.

Despite it’s large size and intense personality, the Wolf Cichlid isn’t extremely difficult to keep. They can tolerate water different pH ranges, you won’t have to maintain water pH levels but you’ll only need to keep it remotely stable. What they can’t tolerate is having another fish threaten their territory. Their teeth and strength make them capable of killing other fish so be very careful when keeping other fish with a mature Dovii. Take note when breeding Dovii also because they will eat their fry, especially the male. He might even start viciously attacking the female so provide her with plenty of hiding places.

Despite having a reputation as a predatory fish, the beautiful Wolf Cichlid has quite a lovable and playful personality. This easily makes them a favorite among hobbyists.  Aside from its majestic colors, and great size this cichlid has a crazy long life span some specimen have lived up to 30 years which can make keeping this fish very rewarding.