Flowerhorn Fish Price, Too Much?

The Flowerhorn is an exotic and beautiful (in many people’s eyes) fish species. They are classified as a cichlid but unlike other cichlids, Flowerhorn aren’t found in the wild at all. Instead, they are found in home aquariums and aquariums stores around the world. When walking into local fish stores around the united states you’ll see a wide range of pricing on Flowerhorn fish. But what is the proper price to pay? And are the higher priced specimen always worth the price tag?

Why are Flowerhorns Priced so High?

On a recent trip in the San Francisco Bay Area, I came across a pretty cool aquarium store Oakland Aquarium. Walking in a saw a few Peacock Bass and Tiger Oscars but upon walking in a little bit further into the store BOOM! Flowerhorns!

The selection included the classic Red Dragon Flowerhorns, Short bodied Flowerhorns and one of my favorites the Thai Silk Flowerhorn. Sizing plays a pretty large role in the rate asked for any fish the bigger the fish typically the more expensive. A majority of the fish available in the smaller range ( .5 inch to 2 inches) can be had for under $150. When it comes to medium and larger size Flowerhorns the prices increase substantially especially for high-quality specimens.

The most expensive Flowerhorn in history was sold at a Malaysian exhibition for $600,000!!! That is a hefty price tag for a house less know an aquarium fish. I’m not sure I could ever pay 600k for a fish I’d keep, If it ever died I would be too stressed out. At the end of the day, Flowerhorns like anything else are priced to meet the demand. Certain strains are harder to find than others or are more desirable and the prices will reflect that.

Best Prices on Flowerhorn Fish

Below you’ll find some nice quality specimen at reasonable prices