Frequently Asked Questions on Properly Feeding Your Flowerhorn

Responsible Flowerhorn owners do not just feed their fish. They feed their fish properly. Otherwise, problems may arise such as the tank getting dirty and polluted, and in the worst case, the fish getting sick. It is important to know the right food, the correct amount, and frequency of feeding.

Do baby Flowerhorns eat fish?

Generally, baby Flowerhorns are given small Cichlid pellets as staple food. There are a variety of different brands available. After six months or more, they need fresh food too, you can feed them with frozen bloodworm, brine shrimp, and tubifex worms. You can occasionally give them feeder fish when they grow. This must be done gradually. When the fish grows, you can feed them with krill, blackworms, mealworms, insects, and fish.

How much food and how often should I feed my Flowerhorn?

The amount of food that is given to your Flowerhorn depends on the size of the fish, the age, the size of the tank and the water conditions. And since the goal of feeding is to grow your fish, it is also important to note the size you want the fish to grow. For example feeding eight to ten medium size pellets twice a day or total of 16-20 pellets in one day, should be enough for a Flowerhorn with the size of eight inches. If you want the fish to grow some more, you can increase the food by 50%. However, some fish-breeders suggest giving your fish food equal to 2% of its body weight.


What are the signs of overfeeding and underfeeding?

Underfeeding will most likely result in the fish being sickly and skinny. Sometimes, it can even cause death. On the other hand, overfeeding is manifested by the fish’ environment. The tank will turn yellow, or orange, because of the food debris and particle that the fish left uneaten. Food which has not been eaten by the fish can cause the rise of ammonia levels in the water. Even excessive algae growth inside the tank can be associated with overfeeding. When algae blooms take over your tank, clean the tank by scraping the algae, control the amount of sunlight exposure and do not feed your fish too much food.


How often should feed my Flowerhorn?

Flowerhorns are fast- eaters and consume food extremely fast. Basically,  feeding them everything they can eat within a 20-30 second period is sufficient. Most fishkeepers will feed their fish twice a day.

What can I feed my Flowerhorn?

So many food choices are available for your Flowerhorn on the market. Most of them are color and hump or Kok enhancers. Some fish food varieties include Grand Sumo, Okiko, Hai Feng Fast Color, and Uni-President.The recommended fish food are the ones that contain Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Xanthophyll as ingredients.

There is really no best food for the Flowerhorn because feeding depends on the water condition, the size of the fish and it’s age. It would benefit the fish if you balance its diet and not just focus on the colors or the hump. Overall, the best way to properly feed your Flowerhorn is to watch its behavior and feed accordingly.