Green Terror 101

The Green terror cichlid is an intriguing aquarium fish, but it isn’t a good idea for hobbyist with aquariums smaller than 55 gallons/209 liters. If you want to keep the Green terror cichlid along with other fish, the aquarium has to be much bigger, and it’s quite imperative that you pick suitable tank mates since the Green terror cichlid is an extremely competitive species. It isn’t considered harmful to people, but it can be quite abusive towards other cichlid especially their own species as they are extremely species aggressive.

The natural habitat of the Green terror cichlid is Ecuador and Peru in South America, in which the Spanish speaking inhabitants generally refer to it as the Vieja fish. The usual Green terror cichlid surroundings are the coastal streams discover-able on the Pacific side of both of these nations (Ecuador and Peru). The Green terror habitat Commences from the River Esmeraldas in Ecuador and continues to the River Tumbes in Peru.

The Green Terror is a magnificently marked cichlid. The males of the species possess a more elegant dorsal tail fin, which can be accented in red, silver and gold based variety yo select.

Green terrors get a bad rap due to their bad behavior and competitive nature, find out whether that is something that you should be concerned about. Check out this video: Are green terrors really that aggressive?