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If you are researching the Flowerhorn no doubt you’ve seen one before and were instantly drawn to it by the brilliant colors and uniquely large nuchal hump or kok on its head that’s what happened to me :-). Once you’ve fallen for this fish you are going to be hooked! Keeping large cichlids like them is both challenging and rewarding. You’ve selected a great hobby one that will have it’s and ups and downs. Here you will be able to get the answers to most frequently asked questions about keeping the majestic Flowerhorn fish. If you are new to the hobby jump in head first and take in the Flowerhorn 101 article found here.

Flowerhorn cichlid information

Flowerhorn showing great Kok (Nuchal hump) growth at a young age

Flowerhorn Cichlid FAQs

Where to buy Flowerhorn fish online?

How long does a Flowerhorn live?

What is a fader Flowerhorn?

Why are Flowerhorns aggressive?

Why are Flowerhorn fish so expensive?


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