Why you need to keep your lids closed :-(


As a fish keeper sometimes you just leave your lid open a little bit to be able to drop food in without adjusting the lids. Or you might have a hang on back filter that your aquarium lids might rest on. Well I had both scenarios on Thursday evening… and disaster came to bite me.

Jardini jumped out of aquarium


I feed the fish in the community tank (1 Red Oscar, 1 Albino Tiger Oscar, 1 Red Serevem, 2- Green Terrors, 1- Buttikoferi, 1- Electric Blue and a JARDINI. All of my fish ate so it was time for me to eat, I go inside have a meal and spend some quality time with the family. Before I go off to bed I usually turn off all the lights in the aquariums but this time when I went to do so my Jardini wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Thinking what fish this is immediately I knew what time it was, he jumped out but where. Looking all around where I’m standing and nothing, run around behind the tank and there he is lying motionless. Once I got him scooped up I get him back into the aquarium he looks finished. Netting him again I put my under him and move him around in the water and wallah Life! He’s swimming a little funny but he’s swimming,afraid of what might happen to him in the community tank I take him to a quarantine area and set him up I’m worried but very sleepy so I head to bed. Next morning comes I know it’s going to be bad new but to my surprise I get to his tank and he’s doing good. A little bruised up from the fall with some missing scales but overall decent shape. Right when I thought we were in business two days later I get ready to feed the fish and my Jardini is at the bottom of the tank motionless again this time for good though. Poor guy it sucks to lose any fish but especially a valuable fish like a Jardini. Keep your tanks secure guys don’t lose a nice specimen like I did due to some negligence on your part like I did.