API Fresh Water Master Test Kit

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Testing your own water parameters is a must for any master Flowerhorn keeper. Being able to test your  aquarium water at your convenience is important so that you can stay ahead of increasing ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels.

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In the aquarium hobby water parameters are extremely important. They are a matter of life and death to your fish. Contaminated water to your Flowerhorn is like contaminated air for a human. Thinking about water parameters from this vantage point should make it of the utmost importance to you. You will want to check your parameters regularly to stay ahead of harmful levels of nitrate, nitrite and ammonia. Visiting most local pet stores is an option to have to your water tested. 9 out of 10 times water tests are a free service but that still comes with the inconvenience of driving to the store and waiting for the test to be completed. Owning your own water test kit is the best way to go, your Flowerhorn will thank you for it.