Seachem Prime

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One of the top 3 most important products in the aquarium hobby! When keeping Flowerhorn cichlids you will need Seachem prime on deck for water changes, when adding new fish to your aquarium and in a whole lot of other scenarios. This stuff really works!

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Prime by Seachem is a must have water treatment for anyone in the aquarium hobby. I’ve used it when only keeping Betta and continued using it when I kept Frontosa and of course Flowerhorns and Arowanas. Seachem Prime is can be used to dechlorinate water, promote healthy slime coats, in turn ease stress level in fish, detoxify heavy metals and neutralize harmful ammonia and nitrite in  aquarium water. This product is hands down one of the most important to keep stocked at your home. Due to it’s various uses we recommend using it all the time. When adding new fish drop in some Seachem Prime, during water changes drop in some Seachem prime and of course when you are a little behind on a water change add in a little Prime. Use Prime in conjunction with Purigen also made by Seachem and your aquarium will always have safe water parameters.