Red Devil 101 Amphilophus labiatus

Is that a Red Devil or a Midas Cichlid? In this case, it’s a Red Devil.

Although both of these fish differ very little in their own looks you will find definite morphometric differences. Additionally, they come from various regions of Central America.

This fish is called the Red Devil for an excellent reason. It’s known for quite competitive behavior and their teeth also back the name up. Their enormous teeth and powerful jaws show that this really is a voracious predator that has to be honored. Even though they may be kept in aquariums as little as 55 gallons, even larger aquariums can decrease their aggressiveness. They’ve been proven to live together with other fish when growing up, however, as an adult, these fish will generally not bear any other fish dwelling in its own aquarium, particularly when this fish is just another Red Devil. If you’re thinking about housing this fish in a community tank, you’ll have to keep them as a mated pair or in a really large aquarium.

These fish are fairly simple to look after for as long as water conditions will be maintained up with frequent water changes. They value a foundation of fine sand and a lot of hiding places among rocks and timber. They’re avid diggers and plants do not fare and they’ll be eaten, shredded or uprooted. Make certain stones are nicely bedded on the authentic glass underside of the cylinder to avoid toppling. Make sure you leave an open place in the middle for swimming. Great water quality and quite a big tank are necessary for their optimum health.

Things to remember when it comes to Red Devils:

  1. Max Size – inches: 15.0 inches (38.10 cm)
  2. Minimum Aquarium Size55 gal (208 L)
  3. Temperament: Large and extremely aggressive – Even predatory, Red Devils are great hunters. If you ever feed your fish live food you’ll see them slyly creep up on their prey taking them out before the prey even knows what happens.

Aquarium Supplies you’ll need to house a Red Devil if you’re starting from scratch

At least a 55-gallon aquarium

Lots of food as Red Devils like to eat a lot.

Good filtration, these guys are messy eaters.