Which Animals Eat Koi Fish? – Posted in: KOI

You are the owner of a wonderful Koi pond and hopefully, you’re finding this content before getting cleaned out. Here are the most common Koi predators listed most DANGEROUS to least dangerous.

#1. American Mink

If you live in a region where Minks reside

#2. Blue Herring

The most deadly pond killers! They can clean out an entire pond in one swell swoop. These stealthy hunters will take their time to remain still in your pond until your fish get used to them. Once sitting motionless for a few minutes they simply become another decoration to your koi until they get too close, that’s when the herrings strike! If your fish are under 9 inches in length they can actually eat them in one big gulp.

#3. Raccoons

The common raccoon can be a threat to your koi and goldfish but they are most deadly in pond areas between 6 to 8 inches in depth. If your pond is deeper you’ll mostly be safe from these cagey critters. However, do not underestimate the intelligence of the Raccoon. We’ve heard of stories where a Raccoon has found the cord of a ponds pump, pulled the pump out of the water to then drain the pond depth to a manageable water level to easily fish.

#4 Cats

Probably the least dangerous on the list are cats, even though they can’t clean your pond out cats can occasionally scar and or kill a fish…

Preventing Predators from Eating You Koi

Now that you know what predators to be on the lookout for I’m sure you’d also love to know how you can prevent them from eating your fish. So here goes… the 3 best ways to save your beautiful Japanese Koi from being eaten by predators.

#1. Pond Depth – Making sure your pond is deep enough is key to protecting them from predators. Cats hate water, therefore getting into the pond to go after koi is off the table for them. Cats are the most dangerous when they can sit on dry land and swipe at your koi. Even the ever so deadly Blue Herring isn’t going to stand up in water 3 feet deep. Herring much rather prefer to stand completely still in shallower waters and wait until Koi come up to them then attack. A minimal depth of 3ft will keep the majority of predators at bay.

#2. Pond Netting – If your pond is already complete and less than 3 feet in depth then netting is your best bet. Adding a net over the top of your pond will prevent Raccoons, Cats, Mink and even Herrings. Each of these animals will hate getting tangled up in the netting and run away from your pond. Although you do need to be very careful to cover the pond entirely, if you don’t smart predators will find an opening and claim a free meal.

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#3. Electric Fence – Personally I hate the way these look but I’d rather look at a tacky fence than lose a lot of expensive Japanese koi. Using an electric fence is easier than it sounds and the installation shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Just be careful to make sure that you post a WARNING SIGN the last thing you want is for a member of the family to take on some low voltage unknowingly.

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#4. Ultrasonic Repellents – We haven’t had success using these types of electronics but I have heard from other pond owners how Ultrasonic has done wonders for them.

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So there you have it! The top 4 Koi predators and then we showed you how to defend against them.