About Flowerhorn Love

me and my pet flowerhorn kylo

Hi! I’m Derek

Welcome to Flowerhorn Love

Flowerhorn Love is a website to support the aquarium hobby of cichlid keeping. Flowerhorns, Midas, Green Terrors, Oscars, Convicts, Buttikoferi, Jack Dempsey, Managuense, Red Tiger Motaguense, Red Terror “Festae” and Red Devils are all species I’ve kept and enjoyed.

Based on web content, YouTube videos and people I see frequenting local fish stores others enjoy them too. So Flowerhornlove.com was launched as a place to share my experiences in the hobby, support local shops, review products and more.

Frequently Asked Flowerhorn Questions :

1. What is the proper tank size for a Flowerhorn?

2. How to acclimate your new Flowerhorn?

3. Why does my Flowerhorn twitch?

4. How to make my Flowerhorns head grow?