Congrats on your new Flowerhorn, now that you’ve selected a fish you need to get it situated and comfortable in it’s new surroundings. Let’s get right into in the process of acclimating your new Flowerhorn.

Step #1. Turn off the Aquarium Lights and Some Surrounding Room Lighting

Fish are quite sensitive to sudden changes in lighting and after a chain of stressful events like being netted, bagged and transported your fish will need all the breaks it can get. Feel free to turn the lights back on once your Flowerhorn has had at least 20 minutes or so with the lights off feel free to turn the lights on if you wish.

Step #2. Float the bag for 15 minutes

acclimating flowerhorn floating bag

If your Flowerhorn came from a fish/pet store then no doubt it was placed in a plastic bag filled half way with water, pumped with air and sealed with a rubber band. Simply place this entire bag into your aquarium and let it float freely for 15 minutes. The floating process prepares your Flowerhorn for it’s new aquarium by slowly harmonizing the temperature in it’s temporary bag with the temperature in the tank.

Step #3. Cut the Bag Open and Release your Flowerhorn

moving flowerhorn to tank

Some other guides you read on acclimating tropical fish might tell you to roll the edges of the temporary bag down and allow some water from the Aquarium to flow into the temporary bag. I’m not a believer in the aforementioned idea, water from a transport bag holding a stressed fishes excrement spilling into clean aquarium water doesn’t sound good. The exception: If your tank is really new and doesn’t have any beneficial bacteria it might actually help you out to pour the water from the transport bag into your aquarium.

Cut open the transport bag with a pair of scissors or a box cutter(always be mindful not to cut yourself) If you wish to keep the transport water from mixing with your aquarium water. Simply use an aquarium net or your hands to reach inside the floating bag and gently scoop up the Flowerhorn and place it into the aquarium. At this point grab the now empty transport bag and remove it from the aquarium and dispose of it.

You’re all set! Your new Flowerhorn should be off to a good start in it’s new home. Wait a few hours and try to feed the fish if it eats right away you’ve successfully acclimated your new fish.

Watch The Video: How to Acclimate a Flowerhorn

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