Having koi fish collecting as a hobby can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Watching your fish swim gracefully around your pond and enjoying their vibrant colors is truly a sight to behold. Koi fish can live up to 50 years, that’s a long time for you to enjoy them. The only challenge that you have to hurdle is keeping their environment clean at all times.

Let’s be honest, your precious pets can be a mess which is why having a top-notch filtration system is essential as part of your pond system design. Regular cleaning of your pond water helps ensure that there is a balance in your koi habitat which keeps them healthy.

Not all filtration systems are built the same. We share some tips on how to find the right filter set up for your pond and take a closer look at five of the best koi pond filters available today.

Features of Pond Filter Systems

When choosing a filter system for your pond there are important features that you need to take note of. Making the wrong choice can wreak havoc on your whole system and cause major headaches and costly replacements.

Filtration Stages

Koi pond filters have a two stage filtration process. You have the biological and mechanical filtration stages. These two operate distinctly from one another but they complement each other in keeping your pond water clean for better koi health.

Biological filtration focuses on dealing with biological waste to maintain the water chemistry in your pond. Ammonia and bacteria are eliminated because too much of them in your pond can be harmful to your koi.

Mechanical filtration is a simpler process where a physical filter is used to separate food waste, algae and other particles from the water.

5 Best Koi Pond Filters

Pond with powerful filter

To make the choice easier for you we share 5 of the best koi pond filters you can try out below.

5.Oase Bio Tec Screenmatic Koi Filter

A huge non-pressurized filter system that features a multi-layered biological filter system that ensures that no water leaks out of the filter container.  It also has a sludge box that is now bigger so that it can match the huge capacity of this filter. A new feature added is a self-cleaning module which gives you the ability to change the water flow. This is ideal for pond sizes between 18,000 to 32,000 gallons.

4.Oase BioSmart Koi Filter

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter
  • Innovative Flow-Through filter design with biological and mechanical filtration provides maximum oxygenation.
  • BioSmart 5000 is suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons (with no fish).
  • High-surface area filter foams provide exceptional biological filtration capability.
  • Distinct filter zones promote the settlement of a variety of beneficial bacterial responsible for different phases of the nitrogen cycle, which increases the conversion of harmful ammonia in your pond .
  • Advance features include the built-in cleaning indicator notifies you when the filter needs cleaned and water temperature display tells you the water temperature at all times.

A non-pressurized filter that can clean up a pond with a huge number of koi. The filter has multiple biological filters with a large amount of surface area to cover more ground. They are also divided into different zones for better ammonia conversion. It features an easy to clean filter with a sludge drain. Just turn off the pump and pull up the drain handles and presto! you have a clean filter. A perfect fit for pond sizes between 5,000 to 10,000 gallons.

3.GoPlus Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL

Goplus Pressure Bio Filter 4000GAL with 13W UV Light
  • suitable for the garden pond, koi pond
  • improve the water quality
  • Effective pressure filters, complete with UVC ultraviolet purifier
  • Built-In UV bulbs system
  • easy to maintain and comes with all the parts ready to install

A budget-friendly option for a wide variety of koi pond designs. You get a 13 watt UV clarifier that can help get rid of harmful parasites and bacteria. Cleaning is simple due to its canister housing design which unscrews and gives access to internals.

2.Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 1000 Filter
  • The Ultima II is specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of aquatic life
  • Manufactured by Aqua Ultraviolet
  • Made in United States

Koi pond owners are ecstatic about this bead filtration system that features the biggest surface area for beneficial bacteria. Cleaning is simple by giving it a gentle backwash. Just turn a valve on the side of the filter and the backwash process begins.

1.Bubble Bead Filter XS-1000

Bubble Bead Filter XS1000 - The Original Bead Filter: AST's Pond Filtration Solution (model sizes XS300 - XS10000 available)
  • The perfect product for home/professional pond filtration. A modern replacement for sand filters.
  • A go-to for professionals in the aquaculture and aquaponic space.
  • Get robust and efficient water filtration for your aquarium.
  • Advanced koi pond filtration.
  • Low Maintenance: backwashing is quick and easy! Reliable: no internal moving parts for long lasting service. Longevity: media never needs replacement. Superior solids removal: remove solids effectively with ease. Excellent biofiltration: large surface area for nitrifying bacteria.

The easiest filter to clean that is available in the market today.  A simple backwash is all you need and you’re done, no need to remove or replace any of the internal filters.If you want a unit that specializes in mechanical filtration this unit claims that it can filter 100% of particles bigger than 50 microns and 50% of particles as small as 5 microns. Great for pond sizes between 300 to 20,000 gallons. 

What Filter is Best For Your Pond?

Choosing the best filter for your pond is easier with the choices you have above. It all boils down to your budget and specific need.The Aqua Ultraviolet is the hands-down choice for a bead filter if your pond is 6,000 gallons or smaller. For larger koi ponds Oase BioTec Screenmatic and Bubble Bead can give you simple cleaning like no other. The GoPlus is your budget-friendly option for smaller pond sizes.  The best among the lot is the OASE BioSmart 10000, it gives simple cleaning for huge number of koi fish.

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