Best Stands for 75 Gallon Aquariums

In this post we’ll cover the Best Stands for 75 Gallon Aquariums.

Aquarium stands are built to display the fish tanks at a height desirable and convenient for viewing and maintenance. They are also constructed as extra support for the extra weight of the aquarium once filled in to avoid possible fish tank collapse or damage. 

This fish tank stand is readily available at any shop that offers fish tanks and various pet materials. Meanwhile, some consumers opt to go the “DIY” way, but many technical considerations exist. If you’re doing DIY, you must research and equip yourself with the necessary skills needed for the project. 

So, sometimes it’s still better to buy a pre-made stand already. 

Now, how can you tell if an aquarium stand is good? What are the qualities that you need to find? And what considerations have to be in the picture to decide what specific item or brand to get? 

This article will discuss all the answers to the above mentioned questions and provide you with the best fish tank stand list. Specifically, the best 75-gallon aquarium stands on the market. 

So, keep reading. 

best 75 gallon tank stands

List: Best 75 Gallon Fish Tank Or Aquarium Stand

First to be discussed is the list of high-quality fish tank stands in a pet store. See these five specific brands and items, and hopefully, you can choose the best fitting for your aquarium. 

TitanEze 75 Gallon Double Aquarium Stand

TitanEze fish tank stand parades itself for having a full knockdown design to ensure a hassle-free set-up. This ready and easy-to-assemble fish tank is made of powder-coated steel and has varieties of sizes, including the 75-gallon one. 

A well-constructed, heavy-duty, and double-walled feet is another feature of this TitanEze that guarantees strength and durability. The stand’s material also includes powder coating and formula to make it resistant to rust and water damage. 

You also don’t have to worry about your tanks occupying too much space, as this is a two-tier stand. So, if you have two same-size aquariums, birdcages, or other animal habitats, the TitanEze can hold that for you. 

The design is also noticeably clean yet sophisticated, intentionally made to easily match other interior designs at home. 

Moreover, for specifics, this metal aquarium stand has an 18.5 x 50.5 x 32 inches dimension and is manufactured by Caitec Bird Toys.  

Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand

“State-of-the-art”: that’s how Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand brags itself in the market for its high-quality structure, design, and durability. It is made of wood and equipped with moisture-resistant technology and a powdered coat finish.

Among its best features are the two front doors and open back for you to conveniently route chords and tubes. They will also allow you to have huge storage for filters, pumps, food, and other materials for maintenance. 

The overall dimension of this Upright Aquarium Stand is 49.37×19.37×28.25 inches, with a 75-90 gallons holding capacity.

Moreover, the structure of this stand is also well-thought as it has a solid top base to support every corner of the tank. It is also versatile as this stand can handle other pet habitats other than fish. This feature is different from the usual lip-only stands that do not have base support. 

Meanwhile, fasteners are used to assemble this stand, which ensures a nice and tight assembly. This tool that binds the part together is far more high-quality than wood screws and glue that some brands use.

Marineland Majesty Aquarium Wood Stand

The next aquarium stand on the list is from a globally known brand for manufacturing innovative equipment: Marineland. This Majesty Aquarium Wood Stand highlights how the design combines chic and functionality while ensuring durability. 

Its materials are water-resistant, both inside and outside the cabinet, and compatible with rectangular fish tanks or pet cages. The overall design of this wood stand looks like enclosed storage with multiple hinged doors. Aside from being a stand, you can use it to hide supplies, canister filters, and sumps. 

The stand’s highly sophisticated black finish makes it convenient to blend in with other home decor. You can also buy wood canopies from the same brand. 

Top Fin Aquarium Stand

This stand is designed and constructed, assuming that it’ll be placed to blend in with your interior. Top Fin said that it is to assure the customers that the aquarium stand will display beauty while being super functional. 

Top Fin aquarium stand’s key features are space with embedded cord management design, water-resistant, and hassle-free assembly. The difference between this stand and the previous cabinet-like ones is that even the back part has a cover. 

Moreover, this specific stand is crafted to handle a 55-gallon to 75-gallon aquarium. It also can hold up to 900 pounds of weight, perfect for adding more gravel and decorations.

Selecting A High-Quality Stand

After discussing the best aquarium stand on the market, there might still be some questions about what you need to buy. So to ensure that you’re buying the best high-quality stand, here are five factors you need to consider.  

Proper Dimensions & Weight Capacity 

When buying an aquarium stand, the most important thing is its size and capacity. The dimension of your stand should perfectly hold your fish tank since you can’t have an inch smaller or bigger. So, before heading to your nearest pet stores, make sure you get your aquarium size right. 

It would be best if you also considered a stand that offers solid support to your aquarium’s overall weight. Water adds more or less than eight pounds per gallon, so a 10-gallon tank weighs approximately 80 pounds. 

Thus, a weak stand will result in a huge disappointment for you. If it can’t hold all the weight, what’s the purpose? One pro tip is choosing a stand that can carry a little over your aquarium’s weight with water. 

Stand Materials

Material pieces play a huge role in making an aquarium stand durable and strong. But choosing what material you want for your fish tank stand still depends on your taste and liking. 

Whether your preference is metal or wood, the important thing is that the materials are high quality. It must be well crafted to withstand the force and weight of your aquarium. 

Moreover, another thing to consider for the material is the finish. Most users preferred having a metal stand since it’s easier to clean and has a coat to prevent rusting and damage. 

Woods, on the contrary, might swell if soaked in water, which is very likely since an aquarium contains lots of water. However, some wood finishes have water-resistant features. 

Stand Styles

If you want a stand that matches your interior, you need to consider the style and design. There are two major stand styles: open and closed. The open aquarium stand is usually found in metal, lip-only stands. Meaning there’s no solid base at the top. 

Meanwhile, the closed-type stand is like a cabinet wherein you can store your supplies and tube in its lower part. Most closed-type has a wood finish, and it’s very to have a metal finish for this type of stand. 

Other style-related considerations are the details and fit, especially when it blends in with other furniture. You can have it customized or buy a stand that is already perfect for your place’s overall theme. 

It would be best if you also recall not to use furniture as your stand to make it visually pleasing. It might cause you much trouble later on.

Assembly Convenience 

If you’re not skilled or handy with assembling things, you must consider assembly convenience. It’s an important factor since you don’t want to get through so much hassle in building your stand.  

Some aquarium stand mentioned above has been parading themselves for assembly convenience. While some takes pride in the tools used to keep all the stand parts intact. Thus, before purchasing, know the detailed instructions on navigating through parts assembling. 


The last important factor that you must consider is the price of the stand. If you’re on a tight budget, cheaper metal stands that cost around $50 to $75 could be your saving grace. But, if you have money to spare, you can have the more durable ones that cost around $100 to $200. 

Price may vary depending on the design, functionalities, and capacity. Moreover, you must know that the aquarium stand is a good investment since you can use it for a long time.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a 75-gallon aquarium weigh-in full?

A 75-gallon aquarium could weigh from 140 pounds to 850 pounds. The standard dimension of this fish tank is 48 x 18 x 21 inches, which is crucial for measuring its empty weight. According to The Spruce Pets, an empty fish tank weighs around 140 pounds. 

Meanwhile, the same article computed the weight of a water-filled aquarium which could reach up to 850 pounds. This finding is derived after computing the cubic inches of the gallon volume. However, the weight might vary depending on the elements you want to include with the design and the aqua animals’ size. 

How do you make a 75-gallon aquarium stand?

If you don’t want to buy a fully made aquarium stand since it’s pricey, it’s possible to make a DIY. You need glass, wood, 3″ deck screws, wood glue, and filler. You can also prepare a paint if you want a colored finish. 

Now, the first thing you must do is get your aquarium’s size and cut your pieces to fit the size. If you have a glass aquarium, it’s okay if the middle base support is empty. However, if you have an acrylic one, it’s best to cover the top of the stand for added support. 

After securing the above mentioned, you can start assembling your pieces using glue or screws. You can watch this video for a more detailed process. 

How strong does an aquarium stand need to be?

For a 75-gallon aquarium, the stand should be strong enough to hold an over 850-pound weight. The recommended type of stand for this weight is metals since they don’t get broken easily. Weight capacity also differs depending on the size of your aquarium. 

How long is a 75-gallon tank in feet?

A 75-gallon fish tank has a four-foot-long measurement which is big enough to accommodate advanced aquarium design. You can set up reef tanks, cichlid tanks, different water species, and more with this kind of size. 

Can a glass table hold a fish tank?

No. The only thing a glass table could handle is a bowl-type fish tank. Don’t even use a glass table as your aquarium stand. It could break the glass and cause forage. 

How much does a 75-gallon aquarium stand cost?

A 75-gallon aquarium stand could cost as cheap as $50 and as expensive as $200. Some types are more expensive due to their advanced and innovative design and attachments. 

Can my floor hold a 75-gallon tank?

Yes, as long as your floor is in good condition and structure and has no defects or cracks. However, a stand will offer you a better sight of your tank and maintenance convenience. 

You must also note that it is only applicable to 55-gallon to less than 125-gallon aquariums. 

Will a 75-gallon tank fit on a 55-gallon stand?

With some revisions to the structure, it’s possible to work. But remember that you are risking possible damage and the stand falling out since the aquarium is bigger than the stand. 

However, it’s highly possible if your 55-gallon stand has more weight capacity than usual. Like Top Fin, some stands offer a 55-gallon to 75-gallon stand. 

Can a 75-gallon stand hold a 90-gallon tank?

Same as with the latter question. It could work, but don’t expect it to be sturdy and stable. Again, one of the main considerations when buying a stand is the aquarium dimensions and weight capacity. Thus, getting a stand that completely matches your aquarium would be best.