How Big Do Flowerhorn Fish Get?

How big can a flowerhorn fish get?

Flowerhorns are rather large and powerful cichlids, but how big do they really get? Let’s do some research and see what their true growth potential is.
Since the flowerhorn is a hybrid fish we should begin with the sizing of the fish that the flowerhorn consist of.
1st the Red Devil/Midas Cichlid.
The Amphilophus labiatus or Red Devil cichlid is one of the fish that was bred into the Flowerhorn. Known for their aggressive nature these cichlids grow to about 11 or 12 inches. In some cases these fish can get a little bigger but in most cases 1ft or 30cm is the maximum size.

Next up is the Trimac Cichlid.
Amphilophus trimaculatum or three spot cichlid is another fish bred into the Flowerhorn, these cichlids feature a beautiful yellow body with a red throat. A little bit larger than the Amphilophus Labiatus the trimaculatum male reaches sizes up to 15 inches with females reaching 10 inches.

3rd the Blood Parrot
Lastly the blood parrot cichlid is a fish that is mixed up into the Flowerhorn lineage, of all the fish mentioned these are the smallest. Blood Parrots reach about 10 inches in size.

After examining the Flowerhorn’s lineage it’s safe to say that they will not reach humongus cichlid sizes like the Dovii or Umbee. However males will easily reach the 1 ft mark or 30 cm. Flowerhorns are thick robust fish and are pretty powerful. Once your fish maxes out in length they will start to get thicker.