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Everything about the Flowerhorn Cichlid

If you’re interested in Flowerhorn cichlids you’ve come to right place. Here on you’ll find a vast collection of information based on most of the cichlidae family. This page highlights the popular hybrid cichlid, the Flowerhorn. Feel free to browse the articles found below they feature tips for feeding your flowerhorn, breeding flowerhorns, Flowerhorn behavior, water quality for optimum colors, and styling your aquarium to best meet the needs of your fish.

Keeping Flowerhorns is an awesome experience, ever since my first one “Lord Vader” I was awestruck by their personalities, endless appetite and aggressive attitudes. In my experience keeping them I’ve had a few different situations that I’m sure many others in the hobby can sympathize with. That light bulb going off in my head sparked this little piece we call “7 Things Every Flowerhorn Owner Needs”. Depending on how this is received we might go ahead and create a piece like this for many of the various fish in the cichlid family. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The 5 Things every flowerhorn owner needs to have are:

  1. A good filtration system or very frequent water changes. Flowerhorns like to eat, a lot! What comes in must come out, so making sure you keep harmful substances like nitrate and ammonia regulated is extremely critical. You can choose to opt for a canister, hob or even a simple sponge filter depending on how large of an aquarium you keep your fish in. (insert image of filters, siphon and buckets)
  2. Food! As previously mentioned you are going to need lots of food to keep your pig satisfied but make sure you feed your fish quality food. There are tons of different options out there check out which ones are our favorite here. (link of food post and okiko or grand sumo )
  3. Dividers, if you plan on keeping more than one specimen or attempting to breed your flowerhorns you are going to need a divider. There are different options to split up your fish and keep them from destroying each other. In the past I’ve opted for creating my own dividers to make the tank look clean and not shady with those (egg crate dividers, no offense to anyone who likes em). I went to my local TAP plastics and had them custom cut acrylic based on my aquarium dimensions. This might be a little more expensive than the ceiling grates but more visually appealing.
  4. Suction cup divider holders, if you opted for making custom dividers then you will need something to keep them in place. These custom divider holders make the dividers work flawlessly. (insert suction cup holders)
  5. Flowerhorn Mirror, if you keep your Flowerhorn by itself then it could get bored and under stimulated at times. If the light hits your aquarium just right you might see your fish flaring up and showing aggression towards it reflection. It’s healthy for the fish to show aggression like this so adding a mirror for it to interact with regularly is a good idea. A mirror will allow for your fish flex its muscle without actually getting into a fight, you should notice added nuchal hump growth.


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