Green Terror Cichlid Facts

Can’t choose which fish to start keeping? Maybe you need more information about the species of fish you are considering. Are you drawn to new world Cichlids? While there are so many different fish to choose from a lot of them don’t display a lot of colors especially as juveniles like the Green Terror.


Many consider it’s appearance as stunning. An adult Green Terror Cichlids features bright and sparkling blue or blue-green in the major part of its body including the tail and the dorsal fin. When examined, every scale has a green color that creates stripes that lines it’s the body. These lines could develop in numbers and the more stripes that the fish has is considered by hobbyist as ideal. The upper part of its back is olive green in coloration while it’s underside is usually white or brownish. Another thing that makes Green Terror Cichlids beautiful is its cheeks that feature sparkling turquoise streaks. Male Green Terror Cichlids display the signature cichlid Kok while the females do not.

In size, a male Green Terror Cichlid is known to develop into an adult fish and reach sizes between 8 and 12 inches in length. On the other hand, a female could max out in size around 8 inches although most females normally measure 6 inches in length.


Breeders recommend getting an aquarium that can accommodate 55 gallons/209 liters of water. Green Terror Cichlids can be placed in a tank with other fish but the tank should be larger than recommended 55 gallons (or you can decide to overcrowd which usually discourages aggression) cichlids are naturally aggressive fish and can get extremely violent to other fish so caution is a suggestion. If you need your Green Terror Cichlids to share a tank, you should choose suitable tank mates.


The Green terror cichlid can be found in its natural habitat in Ecuador and Peru, where they call it Vieja fish. The water temperature in this region of South America is warm, and in order for the Green terror cichlid to be at home in its aquarium,  the temperature should range from 20 – 24° C (69-75° F), with pH level of above 6.5 and below 8.0. This species is considered by many fish enthusiast to be resilient and adaptable to slightly alkaline and acidic waters, provided that there are no drastic changes in water conditions. When there is something wrong with your water, you will notice the fish becoming less active and it might even turn a little dull losing color.


Just like most cichlids, Green Terror Cichlids can get accustomed to a variety of foods. You can feed them with flakes and pellets. You can also feed them with larger food as they grow. Be careful feeding live food like feeder fish as they can carry disease and encourage aggressive behavior.

Remember that these are only guides to taking care of your Green Terror Cichlids. Keeping this type of fish can be hard work but its beauty can be very rewarding. True to its name the Green Terror Cichlid can be terrorizing to tank mates but anyone buying one of these guys should be able to put two and two together and expect this.