The Ultimate Guide to Flowerhorn Size

In this post you’ll learn everything about Flowerhorn Size and Growth.

Are you wondering how big your baby Flowerhorn fish will grow to be? How much tank space is need to house a Flowerhorn, how much food you’ll need to feed it as it grows?

In this guide we’ll go over the size of the different Flowerhorn varieties and talk about everything Flowerhorn size related. Th ultimate goal is to get you fully educated so you know what’s involved in owning a Flowerhorn before you make the commitment to buy one or get you prepared for what’s to come if you already own one.

flowerhorn size growth

How Big Do Flowerhorns Get?

Flowerhorns are rather large and powerful cichlids, but how big do they really get? Let’s do some research and see what their true growth potential is.
Since the flowerhorn is a hybrid fish we should begin with the sizing of the fish that the flowerhorn consist of.

Red Devil/Midas Cichlid

The Amphilophus labiatus or Red Devil cichlid is one of the fish that was bred into the Flowerhorn. Known for their aggressive nature these cichlids grow to about 11 or 12 inches. In some cases these fish can get a little bigger but in most cases 1ft or 30cm is the maximum size.

Trimac Cichlid

Amphilophus trimaculatum or three spot cichlid is another fish bred into the Flowerhorn, these cichlids feature a beautiful yellow body with a red throat. A little bit larger than the Amphilophus Labiatus the trimaculatum male reaches sizes up to 15 inches with females reaching 10 inches.

Blood Parrot

Lastly the blood parrot cichlid is a fish that is mixed up into the Flowerhorn lineage, of all the fish mentioned these are the smallest. Blood Parrots reach about 10 inches in size.

After examining the Flowerhorn’s lineage it’s safe to say that they will not reach humongous cichlid sizes like the Dovii or Umbee. However males will easily reach the 1 ft mark or 30 cm. Flowerhorns are thick robust fish and are pretty powerful. Once your fish maxes out in length they will start to get thicker.

What is the Average Size of a Flowerhorn?

The average size of an adult Flowerhorn is 9″ inches for a male specimen and 6″ for a female specimen. Keep in mind these are averages across the entire Flowerhorn family. Male Flowerhorns can easily reach 12″ in size. We’ve personally kept quite a few large Flowerhorns one named Vader who was 13″.

With the different varieties including Bonsai, and Short bodies the overall average size drops considerably. But, when buying a cute little baby Flowerhorn be prepared for it to grow into a powerful and robust fish.

What Affects the Size of a Flowerhorn

What affects the size your Flowerhorn will grow to? There are mainly 4 different factors that will influencer how large your Flowerhorn ultimately gets. They are genetics, water quality, tank size, and feeding.

If your fish genetically is a Bonsai Flowerhorn or a short body, no matter what you do it’s just not going to get as large as a Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn.

Second, water quality plays a huge part. If you’re keeping your fish in subpar conditions it won’t be able to grow to it’s full potential. Water to fish is like air to humans we need a high quality to live and thrive.

Tank size is the next influencing factor, we wrote an entire post on tank size, but in sort you want to keep your Flowerhorn is a minimum of 60 gallons. However, I would recommend a 75 gallon aquarium for a healthy, happy and thriving Flowerhorn. These larger sized tanks will allow your fish to swim and exercise it’s muscles, it will also allow for enough space for he fish to grow out.

Feeding last but not least is important to your fishes growth, we like to mix up the diet and feed a staple pellet food, but also mix in things like fresh shrimp, freeze dried shrimp, and other meats.

If you are new to Flowerhorn keep but have kept predatory fish before, you might have fed your fish feeders before. I would recommend that you don’t feed feeder fish to your Flowerhorn. Feeders will often times carry diseases and can make your Flowerhorn sick and even cause death. We also wrote an entire post on the best flowerhorn foods.

How to Make your Flowerhorn Grow Bigger

If you want your Flowerhorn to grow larger, you can take the 4 factors mentioned above and ask yourself those questions. Is my Flowerhorn a variety that can put on size and reach the 12″ mark?

Do I have a proper filtration set up? Am I making regular water changes, weekly or bi-weekly? Is my Flowerhorns aquarium large enough? and Lastly, am I feeding my Flowerhorn enough food? and is the food I’m feeding a good quality Flowerhorn food?

Taking an honest observation of these questions and taking action will help your Flowerhorn reach its maximum potential. If you want to grow your Flowerhorns kok, checkout the full guide on Kok growth.

Flowerhorn Size Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on Flowerhorn size .

As you discovered there 4 main factors that contribute to the growth and size of your Flowerhorn. You would need to know what kind of Flowerhorn you have, Keep up with your maintenance schedule, install a quality filtration system, and feed your Flowerhorn a high quality diet. If you do your part and cover the basics your Flowerhorn will reach is maximum size potential which could be as large as 14″ or even 16″.

Thanks for reading!

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