Flowerhorns are amazing and beautiful fish from the cichlid family. They are most know for the prominent nuchal hump or "kok" displayed on their foreheads. Keeping these aquarium fish is not only enjoyable but also rewarding.  We complied the largest online resource about Flowerhorns to make caring for your wet pet as simple as possible. Thanks for visiting Flowerhornlove.com.

Need Help Caring For Your Flowerhorn?

We cut out the confusion and difficulty of caring for Flowerhorns in this easy-to-read illustrated eBook and digital course. It'll help you successfully raise your Flowerhorn! 

Flowerhorn FAQs

Flowerhorn Care

Flowerhorn Breeding

Flowerhorn Types

  • Kamfa Flowerhorn
  • King Kamfa Flowerhorn
  • Black Kamfa Flowerhorn
  • Blue Kamfa Flowerhorn
  • Kamfa Thai Silk Flowerhorn
  • Red Kama Flowerhorn
  • Kamfa Gold Base Flowerhorn
  • Pearl Kamfa Flowerhorn
  • King Kamfa Golden Monkey Flowerhorn
  • Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Red Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Super Blue Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Blue Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Red Dragon ZZ Flowerhorn
  • Kamfamalau Jade Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Golden Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Pearl Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Fly Neo Dragon Flowerhorn
  • Jade Green Dragon Flowerhorn