Japanese Koi are beautiful pond fish with fans all over the world. In fact, many people enjoying being relaxed by them so much that they often create water features at their homes specifically to house these graceful beauties. With that said though there are lots of questions that remain unanswered when it comes to Koi. Are they hard to keep? How long do they live? What other aquatic life does well with them? And on and on and on. To find the answers to all of these questions potential koi keepers usually search google.

Sometimes though the answers to specific questions aren’t readily available, case and point are the following questions found in this article. Answers to many of these questions aren’t readily accessible, so we put them all in one easy to find location.

Will Koi…

Will Koi eat Goldfish?

Although not necessarily an aggressive fish species Koi will attempt to eat small fish that can fit into their mouth. Small “bite” sized goldfish might be at risk but if they are larger than your Koi’s mouth they will be safe.

Will Koi eat Snails?

Nope! Many pond keepers will add snails to their list of stock. Snails like the Japanese trap door snail will actually contribute to your ponds ecosystem by controlling algae. A huge plus about these snails is that they do not eat pond plants including water lilies.

Will Koi eat Tadpoles?

Yes! Believe it or not, Koi will actually nibble on tadpoles. This isn’t a bad thing because tadpoles turn into frogs pretty quickly and the last thing you want as a pond owner is a pond full of croaking frogs.

Will Koi eat Algae?

Yes! But it all depends! You might be wondering what it depends on… It depends on YOU the pond owner. If you regularly feed your koi then they aren’t going to be looking for alternative food sources. However, if you aren’t feeding your fish heavily every day then they just might take matters into their own hands look for food sources on their own.

Will Koi eat Baby Koi?

Will Koi eat Water Lilies?

Will Koi eat Duckweed?

Will Koi eat Frogs?