Flowerhorn cichlids have a lifetime of 10 to 12 years. However, this isn’t a guarantee! To maximize the lifespan of your Flowerhorn you need to provide it with the optimal environment and living conditions.  For starters, you want to make sure your water is RIGHT! Never ever put a Flowerhorn in an aquarium that isn’t cycled. Being patient is hard but it’s totally worth it, not exercising patience when it comes to cycling your aquarium can result in the death of your beloved Flowerhorn. Take it from me…wait for your tank to cycle properly before adding the fish to the aquarium. When I first began in the hobby I lost a tank full of fish because I didn’t patiently wait on the cycling process. After cycling your aquarium you’ll want to make sure that your temperature is conducive to the longevity of your Flowerhorn. The proper temperature range will be 80 to 85 °F, pH also plays a vital role in your fishes health.

Products Play a Vital Role in your Flowerhorns Health

Keeping the pH within the range of 7.4 and 8.0. Water quality can also add or take years away from your Flowerhorn. Filtration is going to the main factor in keeping your water quality high. We recommend filtering your aquarium to make the fish happier and your workload lighter. The typical rule of thumb for my personal tanks is around 4 times the advertised filtration. For example, on a 60-gallon aquarium, I’d attached an AquaClear 110 filter, AquaClear 70 filter and a Fluval 406 rated at 100 gallons. With a setup like this, my Flowerhorn was never sick and lived happily in his tank. Remember though that having adequate or over adequate filtration doesn’t alleviate the need for performing routine water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite in check. Fish including your Flowerhorn like to swim, dig and just be active always remember this because all of this activity requires space. A Flowerhorn that will reach the maximum life span will be healthy and achieving optimal health requires an aquarium with a minimum of 60 gallons, but a 125-gallon aquarium is ideal. Even if you follow all of these recommendations perfectly it doesn’t guarantee that your Flowerhorn will live up to 12 years. Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all even Flowerhorns.