Flowerhorn is one of the few fish that exhibits, what hobbyist refer to, as personality. They are playful, they have a unique appearance, they can be aggressive and they show different movements when reacting to their owners. This is why hobbyist loves them. But there are requirements for a Flowerhorn to grow into an ideal pet. One of them is the environment. With fish like Flowerhorn, which grow in a controlled environment, their home is created by their owner. Their surroundings depend on the conditions that the owner allows the tank to be. Since the conditions of the tank are essential to the health of the Flowerhorn, here are some of the important tips on keeping an ideal aquarium.

Get a Large Aquarium!

If you’re getting a tank for your Flowerhorn might as well start with a large tank. This fish grows as big as 30 cm (11.81 inches) and sometimes even bigger. While they’re growing, the fish needs space for swimming. Moving around the tank keeps them healthy. The recommended size of the aquarium is one that could accommodate 200 liters (52.83 US gallon, 43.99 Imperial gallons).

Maintain Temperature and pH Levels

Flower-horns are considered a strong type of fish. Generally, they can live in different water conditions. But if you want your fish to grow to its full potential (which is the goal in the first place), the suggested temperature is between 25°C (77°F) and 30°C (86°F). While the recommended pH level is between pH level of 7 and 8. It is also helpful to take notice of the water’s current. Stronger currents may hurt Flower-horns especially the younger ones. Water must move slowly because it is essential in controlling the ideal level of heat in the tank.  The strict control of water temperature and pH level must be observed because the acidity of the water affects the color of the fish. Maintaining healthy water conditions also prevent the fish from getting sick.

External Filtration vs Internal Filtration

The choice between external and internal filtration is easy. If you have a large tank, you can use internal filtration. However, if you don’t have a lot of space for the fish to swim free, you can set up an external canister filter. Either way, you must have a strong filtration system for your aquarium to avoid an increase of nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite which can cause harm to the fish.

Aquarium Decorations

The Flowerhorn is arguably one of the most colorful and beautiful fish there is. That is why their home must be equally as beautiful. But the classic saying “less is more” is very applicable when it comes to the aquarium you keep your Flowerhorn in. When decorating the tank for your Flowerhorn, set it up in a way that your fish will feel at home. If you elect to add big live plants that won’t be eaten by your fish. If there are large decorations secure them in place so that they won’t accidentally fall and hurt the fish. Including a nice thick layer of the substrate is recommended as Flowerhorns love to dig and move substrate around to their preferences. Another keynote is if you’re looking to breed your fish include rocks with flat surfaces as female Flowerhorns love to lay their eggs on such surfaces

By now you should be ready to start a home for your Flowerhorn, Follow these tips and you’ll be successful.