Who are the Turtles from Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo is one of the most-watched and known animated films of all ages. In fact, in its original screening in 2003, Finding Nemo had an estimated gross income of over $871M globally. 

The film is filled with good scenes and characters. And this article will highlight one of the sea animals from the movie, the turtle. You might already read a lot of stuff about Nemo and Dory. But have you heard of the cute turtles that added spice to the story? 

Who are the turtles from Finding Nemo? Don’t worry. This article got you. Here is a summary of what you’ll see in this Turtle article:

  1. What is the Turtle from Finding Nemo’s name?
  2. What kind of turtle is Crush from Finding Nemo?
  3. What do Green Sea turtles Eat?
  4. Who is the Baby Turtle from Nemo?
  5. Who is Squirt?
  6. How Old is Squirt from Nemo?
  7. What Actors play the turtles from Finding Nemo?
  8. Turtles From Nemo Memes
  9. Turtle from Nemo Quotes
  10. Turtle From Finding Nemo Summary
who are the turtles from finding nemo

What is the Turtle from Finding Nemo’s name?

The supporting turtle character in the film Finding Nemo is Crush. He is a 150-year-old turtle that comes off as a surfer guy with his excited accent and massive energy. 

Crush is a very adventurous turtle; that’s why he does not look his age. In the film, this old turtle always wants to face strong underwater currents as it gives him enough adrenaline and fun. 

Specifically, Crush likes to roam and ride the thrill in the film’s East Australian current with his little turtle kid. This specific ocean place is also where he meets Marlin and Dory, who are looking for Nemo. 

What kind of turtle is Crush from Finding Nemo?

Crush is an old green sea turtle. In reality, you can find this type of turtle anywhere in ice-free oceans or seas. They naturally live for decades, some even reach a century, so they are comprised of varied sizes and ages. 

According to SWOT, most sea turtles visible to human eyes are female adults. You can spot them and their offspring as they come ashore to lay eggs. 

Sea turtles are also an ancient species. They have existed for countless generations already. However, due to exploitation, their numbers have started to decline. 

In 2011, SWOT also found that “a maximum of 7.5 million adult females of all sea turtle species existed globally.” The article also assumed that there might be a 3:1 ratio of females to males sea turtles. So, in the estimate, the number of sea turtles that remain that year is less than 10 million.

What do Green Sea turtles Eat?

Naturally, adult green sea turtles are herbivores, so they mostly eat algae and seagrass. This is also why they always used corals to scrape off these plants. Meanwhile, an interesting fact is sea turtle hatchlings are omnivores and eat both plants and other animals. 

Additionally, you might already hear about turtles eating plastics, which is, unfortunately, true. A World Wild Life article stated that research found that over 52% of sea turtles have already eaten plastics. Floating plastics are easily mistaken for algae, jellyfish, or other elements they consume. 

Who is the Baby Turtle from Nemo?

The cute baby sea turtle always with Crush is his son, Squirt. He mostly plays with Dory and other sea turtles across EAC in the movie. There’s one scene where he is brushing off a huge current, which worries Marlin. But, he playfully resurfaces, which showcases how fearless and outgoing he is like his father. 

Who is Squirt?

As said previously, Squirt is the son of Crush, which took many characteristics and attitudes after him. Squirt is a playful, brave sea turtle willing to go the high way to experience wild adventures. 

Squirt idolizes his father big time. He always joins him in facing and playing with the water current. And with his easy-going personality, it’s easy for him to connect and create new friendships with the different species below. 

How Old is Squirt from Nemo?

Since Squirt is a minor role in Nemo, there has been no mention of his age. His dad, Crush, is the only one who mentions his age when asked by Marlin. 

However, some Disney fans have wild speculations that both Crush and Squirt are somehow immortal. This came after they discovered that the two turtles appeared in another Disney movie, Moana. The film’s period was set about over 2,000 years ago. 

What Actors play the turtles from Finding Nemo?

The actors that gave voices to Crush and Squirt were Andrew Stanton and Nicholas Bird. 

Andrew Stanton is an award-winning filmmaker who has greatly contributed to Pixar Animation Studios. He wrote and directed various hit films, including Wall-E. These facts prove how multi-talented he is since he did a tremendous job playing Crush. 

Meanwhile, Nicholas Bird was only 8 when he gave voice to squirt. He is an American actor famous for his parts in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. 

Turtles From Nemo Memes

Here are some funny memes from Crush and Squirt. Most of these memes are uploaded here. You can find tons of other fun and relatable content on the Meme website.

crash from finding Nemo
Finding Nemo meme
Finding Nemo meme ocean buddy
Finding Nemo meme noggin dude
Finding Nemo meme Disney daily

Turtle from Nemo Quotes

Aside from film’s entertainment factors, you can also find deep life lessons you can carry along as you grow. This is why no matter how old you are, this film could make you feel good. But these life-learning quotes can’t be associated much with Crush. 

Rather, here are some funny turtle quotes from Crush: 

Turtle From Finding Nemo Summary

Turtles are very fun characters to make in a movie. They might look slow and boring in real life, but they offer so much variety, just like Crush and Squirt. Hope that the next time you watch Finding Nemo, you can appreciate this father-and-son tandem more. With their outgoing and adventurous perspective, they can be your life’s great pegs.

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